Click HERE to view the Apira Covid-19 Safe Plan

Summer Season Lodge Manager responsibilities

As per the Covid-19 Safe Plan maximum occupancy remains at 20 people. If this changes members will be advised ASAP.

  • You cannot come to the lodge if you live in a ‘lock down’ area or are subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notice or similar.
  • Prior to departure from home everyone booked in should undertake a Covid-19 symptoms self-assessment. If anyone in the booking has symptoms the booking should be cancelled and the Lodge Manager advised.
  • You need to bring all your own bedding – sheets, doona and pillow.
  • There are no lodge supplies provided.
  • You are encouraged to bring pre prepared meals.
  • Check in is from 6 pm to 10:30 pm – there is no access to the lodge before 6pm.
  • Members or groups who are delayed beyond 10:30 pm should contact the Lodge Manager to agree on an arrival time.
  • See Lodge Manager for an induction upon arrival.
  • Departure after duties/cleaning completed is prior to 5pm.

Click HERE for protocol for use of lounge, bar and dining areas

Click HERE  for protocol for kitchen cooking, dining and dishwashing:


All Duties have been revised and updated to meet our Covid-19 Safe Plan – They are listed below so you can read them on your device and not need to touch duty cards.

There is also a list with QR codes at the lodge so you can scan and view on your device – anyone who does not have a suitable device will be able to get a printout.

ALWAYS read the duty as it may have been updated since the last time you viewed it.

Duty Number and Brief Description

1 – Bunkroom 1 when Bunkroom 2 is Unoccupied

1A – Bunkroom 1 when Bunkroom 2 is Occupied

2 – Bunkroom 2 when bunkroom 1 unoccupied

2A – Bunkroom 2 when Bunkroom 1 is Occupied

3 – Bunkroom 3

4 – Bunkroom 4

5 – Bunkroom 5

6 – Bunkroom 6

7 – Bunkroom 7

8 – Bunkroom 8

9 – Bunkroom 9

11 – Dishwasher and Glasswasher

15 – Rubbish

18 – Kitchen, Bar and Dining Room Floors

22 – Downstairs Lounge, Bar and Tea/Coffee area

25 – Front Entrance, Lobby, Drying Room, Stairwell and Vanity

27 – Upstairs Lounge

28 – Sunroom, Landing, Stairwell and Passage

36 – Snow Clearing Side Fire Escape

37 – Snow Clearing Rear Fire Escape

38 – High Touch Points

39 – Dining Tables and Chairs