Click HERE to view the Apira Covid-19 Safe Plan

Summer Season Lodge Manager responsibilities


*** Update 15 Jan 2021

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services are frequently releasing updated restrictions which affect our operation. It is difficult to update all our documentation to reflect this, so the key elements are shown here, and may be a little different to what we’ve previously documented.

Currently –

· Our QR code compliance allows the lodge to have a density of one person per 2 Square Meters – signs have been updated to reflect this.

· Number limits in individual bookings is the same as the current restrictions for households – this has been alternating from family plus 30 guests to family plus 15 guests depending on the current circumstances in Victoria

· Different bookings must not share bedrooms

· Different bookings must not share bathrooms


  • You cannot come to the lodge if you live in a ‘lock down’ area or are subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notice or similar.
  • Prior to departure from home everyone booked in should undertake a Covid-19 symptoms self-assessment. If anyone in the booking has symptoms the booking should be cancelled and the Lodge Manager advised.
  • You need to bring all your own bedding – sheets, doona and pillow.
  • There are no lodge supplies provided.
  • You are encouraged to bring pre prepared meals.
  • See Lodge Manager for an induction upon arrival.
  • Departure after duties/cleaning completed is prior to 5pm.

Click HERE for protocol for use of lounge, bar and dining areas

Click HERE  for protocol for kitchen cooking, dining and dishwashing:


All Duties have been revised and updated to meet our Covid-19 Safe Plan – They are listed below so you can read them on your device and not need to touch duty cards.

There is also a list with QR codes at the lodge so you can scan and view on your device – anyone who does not have a suitable device will be able to get a printout.

ALWAYS read the duty as it may have been updated since the last time you viewed it.

Duty Number and Brief Description

1 – Bunkroom 1 when Bunkroom 2 is Unoccupied

1A – Bunkroom 1 when Bunkroom 2 is Occupied

2 – Bunkroom 2 when bunkroom 1 unoccupied

2A – Bunkroom 2 when Bunkroom 1 is Occupied

3 – Bunkroom 3

4 – Bunkroom 4

5 – Bunkroom 5

6 – Bunkroom 6

7 – Bunkroom 7

8 – Bunkroom 8

9 – Bunkroom 9

11 – Dishwasher and Glasswasher

15 – Rubbish

18 – Kitchen, Bar and Dining Room Floors

22 – Downstairs Lounge, Bar and Tea/Coffee area

25 – Front Entrance, Lobby, Drying Room, Stairwell and Vanity

27 – Upstairs Lounge

28 – Sunroom, Landing, Stairwell and Passage

36 – Snow Clearing Side Fire Escape

37 – Snow Clearing Rear Fire Escape

38 – High Touch Points

39 – Dining Tables and Chairs