Updated 17th JUNE 2021

Click HERE to view the 2021 ski season Apira Covid-19 Safe Plan

Click HERE to view the Apira Vaccination Policy


The arrival procedure document will be displayed at the lodge and can also be found here


  • It is recommended that before travelling to Victorian Alpine Resorts you have a COVID test within 72 hours of departing your home. Children 12 years and under not included.
  • Lodge supplies will be provided – may change depending on government regulations
  • Read and understand the Arrival Procedure document that will be on display at the lodge when you arrive (link above) and ask the Lodge Manager or Assistant Lodge Manager if you need any clarification.
  • Departure after duties/cleaning completed is 6pm.
  • Doonas and pillows will be provided. However, they must be covered by your own doona cover and pillow case – everyone must have their own doona cover, top and bottom sheets and pillow case
  • Everyone attending the lodge must continue to follow all Victorian Government Covid regulations.
  • We are using the Service Vic QR code app (preferred check in method so please have the app on your phone) everyone must check in on arrival. An alternate check in process available for people without a smartphone
    This allows the lodge to have a density of one person per 2 Square Meters but depends on current settings. Signs will be updated to reflect the current settings which can change at any time as the Victorian Government tweaks the rules (after the June circuit breaker lock down it may be one person per 4 SQM for a few weeks). Density of one person per 2 SQM allows us to have the lodge at full capacity – 39 people
  • The number of people in individual bookings is the same as the current restrictions for households – this has been alternating from family plus 100, 30, 15, 5 or 0 guests depending on the current circumstances in Victoria
  • We are following the guidelined for Hostels which currently allows different bookings to share bedrooms but may change at any time
  • You cannot come to the lodge if you live in a ‘lock down’ area or are subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notice or similar.
  • Prior to departure from home everyone booked in should undertake a Covid-19 symptoms self-assessment. If anyone in the booking has symptoms the booking should be cancelled and the Lodge Manager advised.


All Duties have been revised and updated to meet our Covid-19 Safe Plan most duties will have a twice daily high touch point disinfecting component and during low occupancy some people will need to take on additional high touch point duties to ensure they are all done.
Duties are listed on the web site on the Duties tab so you can read them on your device and not need to touch duty cards.
There is also a list with QR codes at the lodge so you can scan and view duties on your device – anyone who does not have a suitable device will be able to get a printout.

ALWAYS read the duty as it they have been updated again for 2021.