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Staying At Apira


  1. Travel and Parking
  2. Access to lodge
  3. Duties
  4. General operating rules
  5. Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  6. Après Ski
  7. Kitchens and Cooking
  8. Laundry
  9. Skis, Boots, Drying Room
  10. Lodge Manager
  11. The Lodge Provides
  12. Summary of What to bring

 1. Travel and Parking

During Winter chains must be carried in all cars.  Parking is in designated parking areas along the road up the mountain.  There are 4-wheel drive "taxis" to get your party and gear to the Lodge.

Alternatively there is a bus service from Melbourne and Mansfield to the mountain.  The transport terminus is only about 150 metres from the Lodge.

2.  Access to Lodge

At the Lodge you can enter the foyer but you will need to use the access code to gain full entry. This will have been provided to you by the Booking Officer.  Your room will have been allocated to you by the Lodge Manager and will be displayed on the whiteboard in the entry. The number beside your name is the housekeeping duty you have been allocated. Details of each duty are found on cards in a box on the desk beside the white board.

Outside footwear must not be worn in the Lodge and ski gear should only be brought into the Lodge through the outside ski room entrance door on the left side of the building (facing the Lodge).Top of Page

3.  Duties

Costs are kept to a minimum by all occupants sharing the cleaning of the Lodge. Everybody is allocated a task for which they are responsible during their stay. Assigned duties must be completed before you leave the Lodge and the Lodge Manager/Assistant Lodge Manager informed.

4.  General operating rules of the Club.

Our Lodge remains a happy and clean communal experience because of a guiding philosophy of cooperative consideration for one another by all members and visitors. The following general rules are aimed at everybody having a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

bullet By law, underage drinking is not permitted.
bullet Children and teenagers (under 18) cannot stay at the Lodge without adult supervision.
bullet Young children are welcome; however, parents must supervise their child’s activities at all times and control noise level. Their behaviour must not impact on the comfort or enjoyment of other guests.
bullet Children under 12 are not permitted to use the pool table without direct supervision and no one shall play after 9.30 pm.
bullet Facilities such as TV’s, pool table etc should be used with cooperative consideration for the enjoyment of all occupants.
bullet Outside footwear must not be worn in the Lodge and ski gear should only be brought into the Lodge through the outside ski room entrance door on the left side of the building (facing the Lodge)
bullet You may have visitors within reason. You must ask the Lodge Manager who will make a decision based on the Lodge numbers and impact on comfort and enjoyment of other guests at the Lodge.  You are responsible for the behaviour of all of your visitors.
bullet There is no storage of any sort for visitors or prospective members to leave gear at the Lodge.  At the end of your stay, you must remove all of your belongings.  Nothing should be left behind or stored in the Lodge even if you are returning at a later date.
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5.  Bedrooms and Bathrooms

All rooms have heating.

2 rooms have 4 bunks and en suite facilities
1 room has a double bed and 5 bunks and en suite facilities
1 room has a double bed and 3 bunks
5 rooms have 4 bunks.

Rooms without en suites share modern unisex facilities.

Each bunk is equipped with a reading light and electric blanket.  A pillow and doona is supplied.  You will need to bring a pillow case, single sheets, towels and a bath mat. There is ample storage for clothes in the rooms, with drawers and wardrobes.    

6.  Après Ski

There are multiple lounge areas providing the opportunity for relaxing, listening to music, watching TV and playing pool.

7.  Kitchens/Food/Cooking

The Lodge has all cooking utensils, glasses, cutlery and crockery.  There is tea, coffee and hot chocolate provided in the bar area.

The large kitchen is equipped with electric stoves, sinks, working space and cupboards etc. There are refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves and an industrial dishwasher which does a full load in about 5 minutes.

The Lodge supplies cereal, bread, milk, jams etc. for breakfast, so, unless you want a cooked breakfast, you only need bring food for main meals. Each person is entitled to one food storage basket which is marked according to room number and is located in the pull out pantries in the kitchen. The refrigerators have no marked allocation, use one of the two at your end of the kitchen and share the shelves with consideration.  Alcohol should be stored in the bar fridge. 

You are responsible for cleaning benches and all dishes and cooking implements that you have used including ovens & grills.  Dishes should be cleaned or rinsed and placed in the dish washer as soon as possible after your meal.  When full please start the dishwasher.  Dishes should not be left in the sink or around the kitchen or Lodge.  If the wash cycle is complete please empty the dishwasher, place dishes and cutlery away and then load your dirty dishes.                     Top of Page

8.  Laundry

The laundry has a washing machine and clothes dryer. 

9.  Skis/Boots/Drying Room

The boot room opens directly out onto the snow.  Skis are accommodated in racks and there is a heated boot cupboard.  There is also a large drying room.     

10.  Lodge Manager

During each period, one of the experienced members acts as Lodge Manager and is available to answer any questions you may have about using the lodge and its facilities. 

11.  The Lodge Provides


Bread, milk, spreads, condiments, cereals


Cutelry, crockery, cooking utensils


Doona, pillows, electric blanket 



12.  Summary of What to Bring


Sheets and pillow case


Towels, bathmat and toiletries


Food (although simple breakfast fare is provided)


Clothes, ski equipment, etc           Top of Page