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Booking Status


This information is currently updated frequently and will give you a view as what the status of your bookings are in the system. 

MOUSE over the display for detailed information on "Special Events", "Guests Staying at the Lodge" and "Beds Available for DIRECT and LATE Bookings" .

You can look at where your NORMAL and ADVANCE Priority WAITLISTED bookings are in priority order using the SEARCH feature. After doing a search, to Clear the Search Results:  Click in the search box, Click X to clear the search string, then Click Search. The higher the priority of your booking, the further to the left it will be in the graphical display.

If your NORMAL Priority Booking straddles or is over the 38 BED LIMIT it may still be successful after the Booking Officer does the detailed analysis.  The final limit can be  38 or 39 depending on the number of Double Beds allocated. If your ADVANCE Priority Booking straddles or is over the 24 BED LIMIT it will NOT be Confirmed 6 weeks in advance, but will remain in the system as a NORMAL Priority Booking for analysis 10 days in advance.

You can access the Bookings Status and Occupancy page by going into the Booking System, and looking in the Ski Lodge menu, then under Booking Rules.

Here's a YouTube tutorial explaining how the Bookings Status and Occupancy Page works